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DON’T JUST HAVE THE OILS, USE THEM! (what our practices are there for)​

Today I’m jamming on routines and practices and how returning back to the ones that work for you can really help you through some tough stuff, so you don’t fall prey to stagnation. I may or may not be speaking from experience… *wink wink*

I’ve been into essential oils for a couple years now, and they’ve become a regular part of my day. Especially when I do work at my computer, I have a routine of lighting all my lights and lamps and intuitively selecting an oil or blend to diffuse. Not only does this serve as a great transition and container-creator to what I’m about to do, but the scent of the oils supports my mood and mindset while I’m doing the thing, too. I also find that I generally breathe more deeply when I’ve got the diffuser going, which helps keep me focused and calm.

Although I’ve still been wearing my faves as “purefume” when I go out, I haven’t been diffusing oils recently, for a couple weeks at least. The season’s had me drawn more to the warmth and glow of a candle or the crisp fresh embrace of outside air let in.

I’ve also been feeling quite out of sorts, groundless and untethered, at the whim of so many others.

Now, that is largely to do with several external factors at play in my life right now where I AM, in great part, at the whim of others. I’m in a super transitional space at the moment – limning worlds, seeking ways, and waiting. So. Much. Waiting. Waiting for word on jobs and projects, ones that I’ve already gotten and ones I’m hoping to get. Waiting on calls back so I can make my own informed calls back to others. Waiting to plan, waiting to confirm, waiting to know about X so I can then set up Y. Unable to confidently make moves on Z until I know where and how Q will land.

This is some high stakes waiting, and it can’t help but produce high stakes stress. And it’s just where I’m at right now. Maybe you’ve been there, too. At the whim of another, adrift, swallowed, consumed and stressed out. Maybe you’re right there alongside me now.

If so, lemme hug you, Friend.

Whether or not it’s something we can change right now, so much waiting breeds stagnation, and once that’s begun, it’s a really tough energy to break. It’s a physics thing. Objects at rest versus those in motion. If you’ve ever tried to move a heavy piece of furniture, you know how much more difficult it is to get it moving than to keep it moving. And as you learn the boundaries of your energy stores, you’ve got to play that game of taking a rest but not for too long, otherwise it’s like starting straight again from scratch.

To counter the stagnation and keep the object moving, you’ve got to identify the places that are within your control and own them, thereby allowing them to grow and expand. Get your bearings before you begin, identifying how you can use your strengths and circumvent your weaknesses. Make a plan for following through, and rest up just enough when you need it before getting right back to the task at hand.

Whether you’re moving furniture or making moves on your goals, the steps for battling stagnation are much the same. Regardless of your standard way of doing things, try this to get back on track. It’s what I’ve been doing, and though I’m not “performing” where I’d like to be or where I usually am, I am making intentional and concentrated moves forward instead of getting and staying stuck and stagnant.

Now back to those oils! My essential oil practice is part of my arsenal of strengths, and I haven’t been making full use of it. I know it helps, and it’s so simple to do. While the oils don’t change the external circumstances with which I contend, they sure can improve the way I FEEL about and amidst them. In my mindset-shifting course, The Power of A Pretty Picture: Mindset-Shifting Practices for Change, I teach that changing the way you FEEL about a thing not only changes your experience of it, but it ALSO puts you in a better place from which to act and make more supportive change.

​​So this, my dear, is a loving little reminder, in case you need it too, to DO the things you already know bring you peace, fill your cup, and light your fire. Forget searching out something new right now. Take some time to go BACK to what WORKS. To allow yourself to go with what’s already been proven to work for YOU. Our practices don’t judge, and they don’t hold grudges. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been, they’re always ready to welcome us back home.

You’ll have plenty of time to try other things. In fact, once you’ve stepped back from what may well be a knee-jerk reaction to learn and buy some other thing rather than look inward to what you already have and know, you’ll be in a better place to distinguish the voice that serves you from the one that speaks on behalf of everyone else but you. It will come from a desire within, an inclination or hunch from your gut. Not from a fear of missing out or a lack of feeling enough. From a gentle, simple knowing or willingness to try rather than a pushy insistence that you’ve got to or a seductive persuasion that you must.

Sending you all the love and support I’ve got, Tater Tot!

xxoo, Crecia

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