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 My Thriveandbloom Health Story

(a.k.a. The Accidental Sales Rep)

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I’ll start off by saying I never intended for this to happen!

I wasn’t looking to sell anything and I certainly wasn’t looking to start a sales team.


I’ve struggled for years – forever really – to maintain consistent attention to health and fitness in my life. I used to tend to rebel against what I knew was good for me, not wanting to follow shoulds that didn’t feel authentically me. I balked against anything that made me feel like I was less-than unless I was doing all the right things to look a certain way; the fact that these things would also affect how I felt was beside the point, and I resisted them in spite of knowing what good they would bring me.


I mean, I’ve had phases, some of them quite long, where I ate lots of whole healthy foods and exercised a lot. And I enjoyed it and felt good about it. But there was always a piece missing, a fundamental belief in the value of consistency, routine, and self-care. Without that belief in place, whatever lifestyle changes I made were destined to sputter out at some point, and sputter they always did.


The journey I’ve been on over the past several years has opened me up to the beauty in a true lifestyle change that embraces habits of wellness; most notably this shift happened for me around the growth and development of a meditation practice that I had never previously thought would interest me. Now I faithfully meditate twice a day for at least 20 minutes at a time.


But yeah, future results and delayed gratification have never been very appealing to me. And really, they still aren’t. What I love so much about these Life’s Abundance products is how great they taste right NOW, while also knowing that they’re made with the highest quality ingredients around, which is great for me now AND well into my healthy future.


THAT’S inspiring to me.


What’s also inspiring to me is the people behind the brand – the product creators, the company players, the team builders. This is real people who genuinely care about their customers and their sales reps, and I’ve seen them hold up production of a new item to find the very best quality ingredient, find ways to LOWER shipping costs to make the experience even MORE affordable (and still faster than anything I’ve ever seen before), continually improve training and provide superior supportive materials for sales teams, and go out of their way to uphold extraordinarily high health standards.

All of this contributes to a rich present moment experience that inspires me to participate, to contribute, to be a part of this supportive, health-fueling community. To be honest, when I signed on to be a Life’s Abundance Field Representative, I had no plans to grow a business. I thought I’d buy products for myself, and if anyone I knew happened to be interested, I’d order for them too. But I became so inspired by the community and the products that I wanted to get more involved, to start building a team, and to get serious about sharing these great products with everyone I can.


And now here I am. Selling these products I adore, building a sales team I’m so excited about, and utterly amped at all the possibilities ahead!


Life is funny. And beautiful.

And I love going with the flow of what feels right :)


Sounds amazing, right?  It is!!

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