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Comparison Doesn’t Have To Be A Trap (Don’t Hate The Player OR The Game)

COMPARISON DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A TRAP (DON’T HATE THE PLAYER OR THE GAME) Like all popular technologies, comparison gets a bad rap. But I contend that its faults lie in how we use and abuse it and NOT in the fact that it exists at all. I’ve spoken plenty of times about the value I find in social media and […]

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Finding My Way Through Grief: How I Became A Routine Person

Finding My Way Through Grief: How I Became A Routine Person I’ve had something of a love-hate relationship with routine and ritual over the years. I used to be the one who thought routine was boring, restrictive and constrictive. That there was no humanity in doing the same thing every day, that that’s how lives got wasted away. I’ve always […]

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Don’t Just HAVE the Oils, USE THEM! (what our practices are there for)

DON’T JUST HAVE THE OILS, USE THEM! (what our practices are there for)​ Today I’m jamming on routines and practices and how returning back to the ones that work for you can really help you through some tough stuff, so you don’t fall prey to stagnation. I may or may not be speaking from experience… *wink wink* I’ve been into essential oils for […]

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