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 I’m so very excited and honored to be able to offer you these amazing health and wellness supplements from Life’s Abundance!  They’re made from the best ingredients around, and are free of all the things we don’t want. Like added sugar, gluten, soy, dairy, and artificial colors, flavors + preservatives.  They’re entirely non-GMO, and organic where it counts.

These amazing products were specially created to supplement a healthy lifestyle and meet all our most pressing health + wellness needs.  The ingredients were vetted by many health + wellness professionals.  I can’t say enough how integral these products and this company have been to my personal health + wellness journey, and how supported I feel in pursuit of my most thriving life.

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Listen as Keri Glassman tells Danielle Diamond how she created the products, and why she chose to partner with Life’s Abundance.



Meet the core members of our super high quality nutrition supplement line.

Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder (my VVPP!)

~ 5 powerhouse plant proteins (pea, chia, quinoa, hemp, pumpkin).

~ Super creamy, thanks to the non-GMO coconut oil powder that replaces the less-desirable sunflower oil powders often found in plant protein supplements.

Say goodbye to chalky protein powder and hello to smooth nutritious goodness.

Fish oil (capsules)

~ IFOS tested + certified, highly concentrated, ultra pure fish oil capsules.  Mild citrus flavor.

Yes, you CAN enjoy your fish oil capsule.

Fish oil (liquid)

~ IFOS tested + certified, highly concentrated, ultra pure liquid fish oil.  Mild citrus flavor.

If you want it, we got it.

 Greens Blend

~ A special blend of raw, certified-organic grasses + certified, organic mushrooms, with a subtle berry flavor.

All of the grassy goodness, none of the grassy taste.

Minerals & Antioxidants

~ Trace minerals from seaweed, antioxidants from berries + superfruits, organic coconut water to replace electrolytes.  Choose Cherry or Tropical Fruit flavor.

Free yourself and your loved ones from neon, chemical-laden sports drinks.


~ Patented 4-strain blend, 25 billion CFUs guaranteed.  Kosher + Halal Certified.  Guaranteed shelf life of 2 years at room temperature.

Get that friendly bacteria!


~ The nutrients you need for optimal health, plus a proprietary spice blend + black pepper fruit extract for an added nutritional boost.

I bet you’ve never had a vitamin like this before!

Get to know Keri Glassman, the woman behind the products:


Got pets?  Well, we’ve got a wide range of healthy pet food and supplement options to meet all their needs.

Click “products” to see all the ways you can care for the special dogs and cats in your life.

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I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Disclosure: I am a Life’s Abundance Executive Field Representative and will receive a commission for each product sale made through my unique URL.