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ever find yourself sitting in front of the tv or your laptop, numbly scanning from one streaming service to the next, feeling like even with the almost absurd amount of choices in front of you, there’s still nothing “good” to watch?

what if you were to take the fact that nothing was catching your fancy as a cue — not to add another new channel to your menu, but to DO SOMETHING ELSE instead?

so many among us have become so accustomed to the numb that we can forget what a powerful wing-thing it can be if we let it — how brilliant an indicator that we’ve gotten off track, that there’s something more deserving of our precious attention than this.

feeling bored? what if that just means you’re doing the wrong thing — and by wrong, i mean wrong for YOU, right now. 

can’t decide? what if that just means you’re asking the wrong question — and by wrong, i mean not the one that really matters to YOU, right now.

i spend a lot of my day sitting at the computer, using my brain, interacting with others online or going deep into my inner-world creative flow.

sometimes i find it tough to transition out of what i call big mind mode.

at the tail-end of winter, i often feel the pull to lounge more than to move, to stay toasty inside more than to venture out in the cold — and after a year of varying social distancing protocols that have unraveled so many of the practices i’d built up for managing my mild social anxiety, to stay home more than to deal with the intricacies of being out in the world right now.

so yeah, not surprising that i’d find myself turning to the tv and in a channel-checking slump at some point before this season closed out.

it took me a few days before i realized what was going on, perfectly imperfect human that i am :)

when i did though, i paused and asked myself what i might want to do instead of watching tv.

and sure as shit, i knew. right away.

once you get into the habit of checking in with yourself and listening to what comes, it’s astounding how EFFICIENT a practice it is.

sometimes super data-driven, rules-and-numbers folks find intuition to be too… untried. unchecked. unquantifiable. 

but with a slight redefinition of what constitutes data and evidence, you can absolutely build a case to support the wisdom and power of intuition-driven decision making.

and that night… all it took was a pause, an ask, and a listen. PAL, for the win :)

sounds simple, right? like maybe i could send you on your merry way with a simple 3-part checklist for making intuition-driven decisions.

but without what comes before and what comes after, those 1-2-3 steps will likely ring hollow and fall flat in the field.

the before and after is where your confidence will falter, the second guessing will begin, and the real work calls to be done.

your willingness to be in the before and after is the juice that fuels the magic and invites the faith that you’ll need to keep at it.

it’s what turns a series of experiences into a lifestyle and a strategy into a natural response.

in the before, you’ve got to be willing to be open, to take a chance on your intuition and yourself.

in the after, you’ve got to be willing to act on what you hear when you do. even when it runs counter to what you may have expected or wanted to hear (or what other people have been telling you to do.)

i love working with clients who are willing to take a chance on trusting themselves and to then put that willingness into action by acting.

trust, listen, act, repeat.

because although i believe that your intuition is connected to something divine and greater than you, it’s your trust in YOURSELF that allows it to flourish within you.

you simply cannot access the fullest potential of your intuition without trusting in YOU.

you don’t need to believe in a god to believe in something greater.

you don’t need to name or explain what that something greater might be.

you may not even need to believe in something greater than you at all. (i’m not ready to get definitive about that part yet.)

but you absolutely MUST believe in yourSELF.

and that is a practice, a commitment over time, an act of self-love.

when was the last time you ignored what you knew inside to be true and gave your trust away to someone else?