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:: sometimes the things you say no to are great: refining your yeses and nos ::

i’m a big fan of following the yeses that we’ve been told to ignore or avoid

and in order to have spaces for those yeses, we need to speak some intentional nos, too

sometimes it’s easy to know where our best nos should go 

things that have been aching within to be let go, causing pain, frustration, unease, grief 

but sometimes the no that comes might not seem to make such sense

the offer or invite might sound fun, like just what you’ve been looking for

a last-minute meetup, an interesting event invite or a great new job opp perhaps

and yet…

something in your gut constricts, your heartspace feels heavy, your body whispers a tentative no or is a roar more forceful

what if you don’t have to understand it in order to trust it?

what if you dare to honor the no that comes, even if it contradicts someone else’s standard of yes?

a couple weeks ago i got a last-minute invite from a much-loved, not-long-seen friend to a fab local brewery, under the light of some new + needed sun

SO MUCH would have called this an obvious yes. and yet…

the no was there. i was in a creative zone + flow and that pull was strong and real

i felt well-held in some sort of energetic equilibrium that ushered me to no

so i let it

sometimes the gift is to pivot into a fun new thing and sometimes it’s not. the difference can be difficult to discern

my mind would have told me to go, but my physical + energetic bodies had access to other wisdom

as you figure out what intuition-driven living looks + feels like for you, these are the moments to remember, as are the moments that follow

?shortly after, i ended up in an important IG convo that i was glad to be present for

?then i ended up on the phone w/a college bestie for a convo we both needed

?then i got invited to work on a new project with a super-aligned client, we connected on a whole other level, and i gained valuable insight on my evolving biz vision

?so what have you said no to lately that seemed like it should have been a yes?