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Hello You Lovely Thriving Blooms!

I just wanted to pop in and send you some holiday sparkle and glow and remind you during this busy time of year that you, my dear, are love and light, beauty, joy, and peace.

I also wanted to share with you the following mantra that may prove useful in the coming weeks.

Breathe and believe.

Take a moment, get present, and have faith.

When a fellow driver cuts you off on the road….

When another shopper squirms in front of you in line….

When your coworker gets short with you, and in front of others to boot….

When you get charged extra for something you shouldn’t have….

When that family member asks you if you really need that second helping of mashed potatoes….

When the gift you ordered ages ago still hasn’t arrived, or when you realize that it requires more batteries than you can fit in your fist, or more assembly than you are quite frankly psychologically prepared to complete….

When the holiday bonus you were expecting doesn’t come, but that past due bill does….

When your workload doubles and your resources are slashed in half….

When the button at your waistband starts to dig into your stomach….

When the pie you stayed up late baking for that special event tomorrow burns beyond salvage….

When you get asked again for the umpteenth time when you are going to get married/have kids/get a real job/get a boy- or girl-friend/start visiting more/fix that thing/live life right….

When any of these or other little and not so little things come to pass, rather than submit and surrender to the old familiar feeling of getting tense and furled, when you feel that start to happen, perhaps this time you can outsmart it!

Take a moment to Breathe.

Do it.

Then say it.

Take a slow, full breath.

Take as many as you need to lower your agitation, get present, and release yourself from the crazy-making cycle.

Say the mantra:   Breathe and Believe.

Say it again, as many times as you need to feel some peace and calm and dare I suggest, hope.

Breathe and Believe.

Believe what?, you may be wondering.

Believe the best.

How ‘bout that?

Believe that maybe, just maybe, that person didn’t mean it like that. Maybe they just love you so much. Maybe that thing you wanted isn’t so important. Maybe there’s something better in store for you. Maybe you will fix this. Maybe you will manage. Maybe as Pollyanna as it sounds, everything really is going to be okay. Maybe you are amazing just as you are, and so is everyone else. And maybe they are all just trying to do the best they can with what they have, just like you are.

And maybe that brings you some comfort as you navigate the space ahead.

So much love and light and gratitude, gratitude, gratitude, to you all ❤☀????

In case you need a little help with the Believe part ????