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Take your time, girl.

No need to rush. You’ll get there right on time.

When you trust in the Universe and divine or right timing, it frees up so much precious energy that might have been spent angsting or second guessing or trying to figure out what went wrong so as not to make that same mistake again.

Which isn’t to say not to act. We’ve got to give the Universe something to work with, after all!

It’s just a soft sweet permission slip to identify what you want, take frequent daily steps to get it that make sense to you, and allow divine intervention to carry some of the load, to ease and guide you on the path and perhaps redirect or recalculate as needed.

Maybe this is about a goal, a resolution, or some specific thing you seek to accomplish and how long it may take to get there.

Or maybe it’s related to something that seems a little less significant than that but is in fact a building block to those other big dreams.

Taking the time that you want and need each day to care for yourself. The routines and rituals that support you being your best you yet, the time you dedicate to the care and keeping of you. Meal prep, working out, meditation, organization processes, beautification practices, connecting to loved ones, napping. Doing what brings you joy, laughter, satiety, peace.

Maybe you’ve had some time off over the holiday, and you’ve started a new routine or ritual that feels SO DAMN GOOD.

When you have the time and space to do it easily it’s, well, easy.

We often stumble when we get back to our regularly-scheduled programming and start to second guess how important these things are, start to explain away why we can’t take the time to do them in the regular day-to-day of our lives.

But if not there, then where? If not then, then when?

I mean really… what is your life for, if not for LIVING? Fully, freely, in the whole bright light of the abundant truth of who you are and what you love.
This is what I wish for you more than anything else today, this year, and beyond. That you allow yourself to live in that light, to let it shine, and to believe, finally and fully, that caring for you is the first best thing you can do to bring that bright beautiful light to all the nooks and crannies of the world around you.

xxoo, cc