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speak sing roar wail dare

holy voice sparks to soul and rings out things no longer to be left unsaid

you can use this magnificent tool you’re so blessed to wield

with intention, and the urgency upon which these times insist

you can bellow your unyielding no to what violates values so basic and true

a heavy persistent percussion beating into ground a better new way that cannot be left to others to pave

this work is yours and mine and it’s so long overdue

so let’s do it

yes… there’s so much to it

real education takes time, as does processing what you learn

so make it

commit to it, and as you continue to know new betters

keep letting Maya Angelou’s ever wise words guide you to, in fact, do better

and in the meantime, use your voice to champion what you DO know

along with your no, unleash your wholehearted yes

in delicious, unapologetic melody that cannot help but reverberate in the hearts and cells of those within range

take your stand in sand you pack into solid ground 

tend to yourself and your tender, tired soul and if you must, choose a stretch of silence to that healing end

but please don’t let your silence be chosen FOR you —

not by bully behavior, bravado, intimidation or threat

not by hopelessness, fatigue, or astonishment

not by fear or anger or self-consciousness or shame 

or the small wounded part of you that needs to keep the peace and please

you are here, you have a voice and it is glorious

may you find it, honor it, embrace it and USE it

and keep acting on what it seeks to say

yes yes yes yes yes

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