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Hello there, Sunshine!!

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Ok, now that that’s all squared away, let’s get to today’s post!

Oh Someday, you shape-shifting scamp of a day. You can be full of hope, bursting with motivation and all the potential we dream to achieve. You can also be oddly initiative-leaching, sigh-inducing and devoid of any real-feeling hope at all.

You see, if I see my someday as something attainable, then it can motivate me to take actions now that will get me there. But if someday is the stuff of dreams wistfully held out of reach and wishes to be granted by someone else, it can suck the very soul out of my oomph and go get ‘em.

The key it seems to me, with this and most everything else important, is action.

Are you willing to work for your someday, to take action on the things you say you want?

Are you willing to risk for someday, to take steps that have no guarantee, that may or may not get you there but are sure to get you somewhere?

Are you willing to declare your goals and desires, to take a stand for what lights you up and brings you joy?

Sometimes we think we’re willing, but we don’t actually find ourselves acting on it. That can be because we aren’t as willing as we think we are or want to be, or because we haven’t broken down the big goal into manageable, achievable chunks.

We cut up our food to eat it (or otherwise break it down into digestible bites), we work our way around board games space by space, and we understand that we must take a series of individual courses to earn a degree.

Yet when it comes to the things we hold most dear, sometimes we get paralyzed by their magnitude, by the uncertainty of not knowing which actual steps to take, intimidated so much by a lack of guarantee that we stick our feet in mud and head in sand and will ourselves to forget that we are the change agents of our own lives, that we get to choose, we get to put the puzzle together in the way that makes most sense to us.

And by sense, in addition to a logical or rational sense I’d like to add that sometimes (for me, most times) it’s about a felt sense, a resonance, an unnameable feeling of yes-ness that maybe you’ve felt before but quickly cast aside. A feeling of rightness that can be felt in an expansion in your chest, seen in a rearrangement of the features of your face, or perceived as a lightness in your soul. A nodding of yes with your head or body that you didn’t even know was happening.

If you can identify how that feels for you, and align your actions and decisions ever more and more with that feeling, I know you’ll be amazed at what arises.

Maybe you already know what it feels like, how powerful and soul-satisfying it is. Maybe you’ve unintentionally put distance between yourself and that feeling lately. Maybe it’s time to prioritize it again.

You know, it’s become so indoctrinated in us to look outside ourselves for expertise and guidance that we’ve forgotten the truth, and the truth as I see it is this:  We know the answers, they’re inside of us just waiting for us to notice them, to listen, to trust. Which isn’t to say that there’s never a need to seek outside support, guidance, knowledge or expertise. It’s just to remind you to honor your own wisdom and authority every bit as much as someone else’s, dare I say infinitely more so.

Here’s to lovely, intuitive YOU.

And everything inside of you that’s bursting to be seen and set free.

What’s been bubbling up for you lately, calling for you to let go, complete, or revitalize?

What can you do today, right now, to get one step closer?

I’d love to hear from you!

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