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At last!

You, my dear, are ready.


Pull back those blinds and

loosen the latches.


Your time has arrived.


Breathe it in.

You know you want to.

What are you waiting for?


Be greedy, Woman.


Do not stop until you are full.


Be so bold as to take a bit more.


Savor this.

Utter satisfaction.

Your question marks answered.

Your ellipses filled in.


Glorious nourishment,

Enlightened and whole.


Revel in the crisp pure light and the

Brisk fresh breeze

As you fill yourself up with holy satiety.


Hold it in for a moment more.


Because I know you know what must come next, Love.


And I know you want this part to last forever.


But hoarding even holy inspiration will choke you in the end.


That fresh air you breathe is meant to fuel you.

To be burned and spent in pursuit.

Of what, only you can say.


You are your own sustainable economy.


You hold the key.

You draw the map.

You know the code.

You answer that call.


And only you can say when.


Breathe it in.


Then let it go.

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