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Coping Through Uncertainty: How to Trust Yourself in Challenging Times

a month-by-month membership

Have you ever played with a Weeble? It’s a small egg-shaped kid’s toy that came out in the 70s to a theme song that said “Weebles may wobble but they don’t fall down.” Because no matter how hard you pushed it to one side, the physics of the thing would always cause it to wobble back to the other side and never tip over.

As a kid, I loved Weebles because it was fun to watch them wobble and also fun to see how they really never did fall down.

Today I recognize in them the beauty of being centered, grounded, able to roll with a tide and not be overtaken by it.

I recognize in them the way my self-care practices bring me that same strong, simple peace.

I recognize in them how rarely I stray from my own set point. And when I do, how relatively easily and swiftly I return.

It’s a state of simple, quiet grace that is fertile ground

for profound joy, growth and peace.

As opposed to feeling emotionally pushed, pulled, prodded and poked by anything and everything around me.

Formless, like an amoeba. Constantly changing inconstant state, fundamentally affected by the energies, emotions and expectations of others.

The struggle to go from amoeba to Weeble is real for many of us on a good day. Lately, it surfaces in one way or another in every single real conversation I have.

I’ve put together an opportunity that will allow you to get the support you need right now in a super accessible way, without committing to something big when so much is up in the air right now.

I’d like to help you reach Weeble status! Here’s how we can get you there.

I want to be a Weeble.


Coping Through Uncertainty:

How to Trust Yourself in Challenging Times

a month-by-month membership for becoming more weeble, less amoeba

What it looks like:

  • Weekly 60-minute group video calls + recordings* featuring teaching, tool-sharing, guided meditation, feeling exploration exercises, Q&A, and laser-coaching hot seats (as determined by member needs each week) 
  • Private Facebook group space for follow up Qs and a place to share your successes and struggles to be witnessed, encouraged, supported — you are NOT in this alone! Plus I’ll pop in with additional exercises, inspiration, and reflections as they come…
  • Living document workbook of all the strategies, tools, resources and exercises we use, practice and explore… as dictated by the unique needs of the group
  • Month-by-month membership commitment (no long-term contracts or price points to contend with!)
  • One 30-minute 1:1 call at the end of the month to reflect, evaluate, and co-create your personalized plan of best next steps for the month ahead

I’m offering you all of this for the super low price of $49 per month, to make it as accessible as I can for you.

Learning how to trust yourself and access the very real wisdom that’s already within you has never been more valuable. I cannot WAIT to witness you as it happens.

Sign me up, please.


BONUS AWESOMESAUCE: With your month-long membership, you gain access to a suuuper-reduced rate on 1:1 coaching sessions, should you decide that you’d like to level up your growth and support in that way!

Got questions? Ask ‘em! And then click here to get started :)

Email meeeee.

*June Group Call Schedule: Wednesdays from 6-7pm ET

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