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Sick of Questioning Your Own Self-Worth?

What if we could take the question of worthiness off the table?

No more not feeling worthy of x, y or z. No more inner battles around how worthy you feel, or don’t feel, or think you should feel, or thought you did feel.

What if your own worthiness was no longer an issue?

I’ve found that when we try to combat feelings of unworthiness, we’re so often met with resistance, or distraction, or confusion. We cling to our unworthiness because it’s what we know. We resist change even when it outright PROMISES a better tomorrow. We distract ourselves, spinning out, trying to figure out where the feeling came from, why we feel it, who made us feel that way in the first place. We let ourselves get distracted by whatever shiny new object comes our way so we don’t have to face the discomfort this brings up. We waver and falter and stumble and get stuck because we don’t understand this feeling and we feel wrong for having it at all. We dole out blame to others to replace the shame we feel at having unknowingly, unintentionally, been playing a part in such a shitty, destructive story.

(Not surprisingly, perhaps, we also often do this when we realize we’ve made a mistake and don’t want to admit it. Even when it’s a really really yuuuge mistake. More on that in a bit.)

Worthiness and its shadow have been around a long ass time. They are INGRAINED. They will not go down without a fight. So no, I don’t propose that we simply decide we’re worthy, wriggle our noses, nod our heads, and poof we all feel magically worthy now.

What I suggest instead is a deep reframe, an all-encompassing shift from worthiness to willingness. Where every time you question your worthiness, you shift your attention instead to your willingness.


Your worthiness is not up for debate.


YOU ARE WORTHY. Already. Just because.


You don’t have to earn it, prove it, or show it.


You just have to claim it.


To claim it, you need to be WILLING to claim it.


From this moment forward, whenever you start to feel that old familiar feeling of unworthiness, what if you decide to flip your line of questioning to one of willingness:


Are you willing to accept that you are worthy here?

To receive, prosper, flourish, shine?


Are you willing to risk believing that you are worthy here?

To make mistakes, mess up, change your mind, get it wrong?


Where are you unwilling to do those things?

What stands in the way of that willingness?





















Willingness lifts us to action where worthiness fixes us, weighted, in our lane.


Willingness carries hope, choice, freedom, opportunity.

Worthiness decides, judges, defines, limits.


Willingness paves paths. Worthiness constructs pedestals that topple.


Willingness is an open door, an invitation, a brand new day.

Worthiness is a dead end, a contest, a competition, a sentence.




Are you willing to exceed your wildest dreams?

Are you willing to take the necessary actions, to do the necessary work?

Are you willing to let go of old baggage that keeps you stuck and stifled?

Are you willing to be thoroughly, unapologetically YOU, connected to your own deep, whole soul truth? Even when it confuses, intimidates, or challenges those around you?


These are conversations I welcome. They inspire and motivate me in a way that wondering if I’m worthy just never could or will.


So whaddya say? Are you willing to hop off that worthiness train?

I’ll be right there ready to tumble and flounder with you.

Just say the word.

xxoo, cc


Oh, and if you’re one of those people who misjudged, chose wrong, or you otherwise now find yourself in a camp you didn’t mean to join… let’s move forward. What are you willing to do about it now?


If you haven’t seen it, or you are one of the people he addresses, please watch the following short video. (I cued it up to a specific part, but the whole thing is fantastic and so worth the watch.

Jimmy Kimmel to Those Who Voted for Trump:  https://youtu.be/t16xYMSyMXU?t=5m47s

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