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Self-Trust, Self-Love, and Self-Care: Strength and Hope for Stressful Times (ENROLLMENT CURRENTLY CLOSED)

Are you stressed the eff out?


Do you feel like you’ve lost yourself in a sea of what other people want and need?


Has it been so long since anyone asked you what YOU want that you’re not entirely sure you even know anymore?


Does self-care feel like a luxury you can’t afford, self-trust like something for people who make better decisions than you, and self-love something corny and unattainable that you secretly really wish you had?


Are the times we’re living in getting you down? Like, REALLY down?


If any of those questions pinged true or touched your soul, you might be in MAJOR need of some Self-TLC.


That’s what I call the magically powerful blend of Self-Trust, Self-Love, and Self-Care. Without a strong foundation of these things, we put ourselves and our well-being at the mercy of those around us. We risk getting caught on hamster wheels that leave us exhausted and in messes that sap our strength. We leave ourselves open to the worst effects of the stresses in our life and too run down to enjoy the best parts.


If Self-TLC sounds like just what the doctor ordered (#sopunny), register for my program and give yourself permission and occasion to take care of #1.


(That’s you, in case you weren’t sure 😉 )

In this program, you can expect to:

  • Learn practices of self-trust, self-love and self-care and how to integrate them into your (busy) life
  • Gain confidence in trusting your own judgment around which practices suit you as is and which may need to be tweaked or replaced
  • Get practical, targeted feedback around the issues you face, the experiences you’ve had, and the actions you can take to make change
  • Experience what it feels like to be guided in intuition-driven decision-making as you implement these practices
  • Explore each topic for how it exists in your life right now, where it’s been and what’s gotten in the way of its fuller expression
  • Have a multi-modal learning and doing experience that honors varied learning styles and participation preferences
  • Learn from the experiences of other program members and share your own, to feel the strength in being seen and in witnessing

Program Details:

Program runs 8 weeks long

It is comprised of 4 modules (2 weeks per module): Self-Trust, Self-Love, Self-Care, Living Your Self-TLC


Each module consists of:

An Explore + Engage Week: Daily engagement opportunities with the topic (video lessons, guided journaling, worksheets, guided meditation, mantra work, commenting and discussion in our private Facebook group)


An Act + Reflect Week: Intuition-driven application and intentional practice of the topic in your life, with a live group coaching video conference call and recording and opportunity to adjust and reflect


At the end of each Explore and Engage Week, every program member who has replied to at least 3 of the daily activity posts in our private Facebook group for that week will be entered into a random raffle! The prize? A 1:1 coaching session to be used during the course of the program! So that’s FOUR chances to win a free individual coaching call opportunity on top of the four group coaching calls 🙂 !!

Program Calendar:

Module 1: Self-Trust

Week One: Explore + Engage SELF-TRUST

Week Two: Act + Reflect SELF-TRUST IN ACTION

Module 2: Self-Love

Week Three: Explore + Engage SELF-LOVE

Week Four: Act + Reflect SELF-LOVE IN ACTION

Module 3: Self-Care

Week Five: Explore + Engage SELF-CARE

Week Six: Act + Reflect SELF-CARE IN ACTION

Module 4: Living Your Self-TLC

Week Seven: Explore + Engage LIVING YOUR SELF-TLC



Q+A Coaching Call Schedule:

Every other Wednesday, 7-8pm EST

Self-Trust Q+A 

Self-Love Q+A 

Self-Care Q+A 

Living Your Self-TLC Q+A 


Registration is currently closed. Get on the wait list for the next enrollment period!

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