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My friend Laura Sprinkle is hosting a challenge that supports her beautiful new book, “She’s Got Guts:  Your Personalized Guide to Self Healing.”  It began last week, and I’m excited to get started, now that my other challenges have drawn to a close.

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#GutFreedomChallenge Day 1:  Take a Stand for Your Health

On Day 1, Laura asks us to take a stand for our health and declare our “health team,” starting with ourself as captain and then shouting out other members of the team.  I admit that I was a little resistant to this task; something about it just wasn’t landing with me, didn’t feel quite right.  So I simmered on it for a few days and today I gave myself permission to do it a little differently, in a way that flowed more for me.

Which made me think:  How often do we stop or not start something out of fear of not “doing it right”?  Instead of trusting ourselves and our inner guidance, sometimes we get so hung up on what we think we are “supposed” to do, that when we don’t feel inspired to connect the dots the way we were asked to, we huff and sigh and slump defeat.

What if instead we were to listen to that inner wisdom, that pull toward something else? What would happen if we took requests and instructions as guidelines rather than gospel, as considerations instead of constraints?

We get nowhere when we stop stepping out of fear of changing course or disappointing the direction-giver with our creative navigation.

For those of you who may need more evidence that honoring your own rhythm and flow is okay here, I offer you this excerpt from an email Laura sent out a few days ago:

“I’ve taken some days off in this challenge because sometimes life throws you curveballs. I feel blessed that I have ample opportunity to rearrange and adjust accordingly, but I want to remind you that you do, too 😉 The next 3 challenges will be out this week, but take your time and go at your own pace. There is no ‘behind.'”


Had I held onto expectations around following the original instructions explicitly, not only would I have either dropped the challenge completely or else done it with half a heart and even less enthusiasm, but I would have also missed this realization around the value of trusting where we are pulled to go.

The way I ended up doing the challenge was to name the words, concepts and practices that help me be my healthiest self. I’m fortunate to have so many people in my life to support, share, and practice them with me in different ways.  The process was a powerful touchstone for me, to really think about and come back to what makes up a whole, healthy life in my world.

2015-02-07 13.37.03

What about you?  Who (or what) is on your health team?

How do you honor (or not) your inner wisdom?

I’d love to hear any thoughts you have on this!

#GutFreedomChallenge Day 2:  How Do You Want to Feel in your Gut?

Today we determine and declare how we want to feel in our gut, at our core.

I want to feel nourished, peaceful, tuned in, fired up, and strong.

How ’bout you?

I want to feel nourished, peaceful,



#GutFreedomChallenge Day 3:  Set Those Secrets Free!

Today, we set a secret free – share something that we would rather hide. The idea being that holding on to shame does crappy things to your body. So here’s to it.

What will you set free today? (Feel free to burn it if you’d rather not speak it 🙂 )




#GutFreedomChallenge Day 4:  Forgive Yourself!

It’s time to forgive ourselves our sins and secrets.  Laura offered a range of options for how to do this – I chose to dance, sing, shake, and stretch it out, and I even threw in a bit of body activation from my Wild Soul Movement practice.  My playlist?  Faith No More – EpicThe Cranberries – ZombieNo Doubt – Push And Shove.  IT FELT SO GOOD!!

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