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 #MoneyLoveChallenge $ <3 $ <3 $

I’m taking part in Kate Northrup’s 21 Day #MoneyLoveChallenge!

Wanna join me?  Check it out here:  http://moneylovechallenge.com/

#MoneyLoveChallenge Day 21:  Give it Away!

Today we give and reflect on the challenge.  I was already planning on contributing to a couple of friends and family members that are facing challenges right now, but I took the opportunity here to give a little more than I might have otherwise, to breathe through the lingering fear of not having enough in order to access the place in me that knows there’s always more where that came from.  It felt good to intentionally take care in this way so I could give a little more from a place that felt less fear around it.  As for the challenge in general, it was a lovely way to build on topics and practices of gratitude and abundance.  I’m a seriously lucky lady, and I feel ever more tuned in to the money and abundance that I have as well as that which is on its way 😉

#MoneyLoveChallenge Day 18:  Turning Envy into Inspiration

This one took me a while to figure out.  I generally don’t envy – I get excited for the goodness others have regardless of how much I do or don’t want it for myself.  So after really thinking about it, I realized one of the biggest things I get jealous of is hair.  I will envy the stuffing out of beautiful hair that doesn’t take much to make it so.  I think this is probably because it’s one of the few things that I feel relatively powerless around.  Within the confines of what I am willing or able to spend or provide in terms of money, time, resources, and skill, there’s little room to create the kind of hair I’d love to have.  Maybe someday my desire will grow enough – pun not intended, but recognized 😉 – so that I’ll choose to give more time, money, resources, or skill to the cause, but thus far it has not, and I contend with simple envy of luscious locks 🙂 What I will do to turn this envy into inspiration is 1) schedule the haircut that is now almost 2 months overdue and 2) pick one product I already have and start using it regularly.  Sound like a plan 🙂


#MoneyLoveChallenge Day 20:  There’s always more.

Marie Forleo​ has shared a phrase she would say when she was spending money (especially perhaps when she was low on it):  “There’s always more where that came from.”  I have a calendar reminder set for every payday, to pay bills.  For the past several months I have added that phrase to the reminder, and it’s a lovely way to approach the idea and task of bill paying.  Another key phrase for me is this one I heard from Tonya Leigh​:  “Money is a renewable resource.  Time is not.”  That really helps me keep perspective around time and money and helps me remember that more money can always be made.  What phrases inspire, motivate, or comfort you regarding your money and finances?

MoneyLoveChallenge‬ Day 17: Pin Your Way to Prosperity with a Pinterest Board.

Here’s what I’ve got so far 🙂


Day 12: Know Where You’re Keeping It.

Today we had to make a list of all the different places we keep our money and debts. I admit that I’ve been resisting it because it’s not nearly as fun as some of the other prompts. It’s nice though to look at it the finances this way, and I’m sure I’ve probably forgotten something that I’ll get to add in later. But in any event, Knowledge is Power, which in case you are as sheepishly mistaken as I was, is a quote from 16th century British philosopher Francis Bacon and not GI Joe. He said “Knowing is Half the Battle.” fyi 😉

 #MoneyLoveChallenge‬ Day 8: Use it or Lose it.

It’s taken me a while to post this one, because I had a lot to sift through. But I’ve used a gift card and reward voucher to get a few things for myself and a couple gifts for others (as well as to have an excuse to browse Pier One twice!). I used a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon to replace the CO2 cartridge for my Soda Stream that was hanging out in my car for a couple weeks. I threw away expired coupons as well as those for items I don’t actually really want. I’ve set reminders in my calendar to use Living Social vouchers, including the ones that have expired and are still worth cash value. I checked a few old Starbucks gift cards to see if they even had any money left on them (They didn’t.) I shredded a small check from almost a year ago that I hadn’t wanted to cash, but was holding on to in case I got called out on it. I made a conscious decision to keep a couple gift cards that I didn’t feel compelled to use right now, because I know there will be a time where I’ll be excited to remember I have them. I decided to treat myself to a short adventure over February break with an airline voucher, and then realized that I had been looking at the travel by date all along. The buy by date was at the end of December, so bye bye fly in the sky lol. It felt great to do this, and even better to let myself do it over time, to savor and really absorb it all. In pursuit of this, I also did #MoneyLoveChallenge Day 13: Open it Up. I opened and sorted a few things that weren’t pressing but are now done. And I called my former cable and current internet service provider to deal with a bogus termination notice due to the fact that they still haven’t gotten my auto billing straight.

 #MoneyLoveChallenge Day 19: Be Careful with Your Words

Today we are asked to watch our words, to notice when we say things that root us in lack versus abundance. Think variations of “I can’t afford that” or “That’s too expensive” and consider using something that emphasizes the positive, proactive choices you are making instead (I’m choosing to spend my money elsewhere / buy something else right now. I’m excited to put my money towards X right now.) I’ve been working on this for a while now and when I can’t think of a proactive statement that I feel good about, I’ve been trying to keep silent rather than say the offending statement of lack.

Something that’s helped me be more conscious of my wording is the realization that saying I can’t afford something or can’t afford to do something is such a personal power sucker! I don’t like being captive to my money! In the past, that has led me to overspend, which is just a different way of being money’s marionette. So I’ve been exploring some of my other reasons for passing on things and realized that saying you can’t afford it is a much easier boundary to set and protect than needing space, balance, rest, time with someone else, or a financial cushion. Ahhh, Life is so interesting 🙂

 #MoneyLoveChallenge Day 16: Making a mantra

I could play around with this all day long lol. So far, I’m thinking that my new money mantras will be:

Money loves me every day. (but you have to say it ev-reh-day)
Money’s got my back, yo.
Money bets on me, b$&@$ 🙂

Here are some of my fave runners up:

Money thinks I’m worth it.
Money thinks I rock.
Money wants to woo me.
Money is my wingman.
Money makes it rain for me.

What’s your money mantra?

 #MoneyLoveChallenge Day 15: MoneyLoveMusic <3

Today we make a playlist of songs that make us feel abundant and affluent. I love making playlists so today’s challenge was super welcome 🙂 Here’s what I’ve got so far, though I’ll be adding more as they occur to me.

[spotify id=”spotify:user:125709394:playlist:3QPNoaXZEbX7lqnSYAkz2X” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

 #MoneyLoveChallenge Day 14: What we put our attention on grows.

Today we are asked to keep track of what comes to us all day long. Everything we receive – from money or compliments to life lessons or kind gestures. As you can see, my list is long 🙂 It was fun to look at the day through the lens of what I was receiving, and I will most certainly do this again.



 #MoneyLoveChallenge Day 11: You have enough.

Today we are asked to list 3 ways we have enough in our life. I have enough beautiful accessories, as represented by my scarves in the pic below. I also have enough flashlights and candles to get me through the snow-mageddon that I believe I conjured with my thoughts and snowflake necklaces 😉 Lastly, I have enough humor and wit and good cheer to get me through the lamest day 🙂 How do you have enough, as is?


#MoneyLoveChallenge Day 10: You are enough.

Today we are asked to write down at least 3 ways we are more than enough, as is. The idea being that those who feel enough tend to have enough. This was hard for me to do, because I pretty much think I’m amazing 😀 It seems so obvious to me that of course I am more than enough, because I’m so freaking cool! And the reason I’m posting this is because part of the prompt was about giving each other permission to celebrate ourselves, and to openly love ourselves. Well, consider this an open invitation to verbally love up on yourself, Beautiful or Handsome You! Because here’s the thing, as much as I am in love with myself, I am also in love with you. I think YOU are freaking amazing, too. And not just because you’re my friend 😉 Just because you are. And I think that whenever we feel less than that, it’s because we’re fighting it in some way. So here’s to letting go of the fight against our own incredible beauty and grace. To owning what’s ours, and sharing it.


#MoneyLoveChallenge Day 9 (Still working on Day 8 :))

Today, we are asked to view our bank balance while consciously calling up gratitude for what we already have, and then to share how it feels.  I’ve dug my way out of some debt in the last several years, and although I still have plenty of bills and debts to pay, I am in a much better place and feel peaceful and proud.  And I honored myself in the process, which feels amazing.  I’m strong and resilient and although I have made mistakes and hidden from it at times, I think that’s a fair and human response and I’m not beating myself up over it.  And most of all, I’m really proud of myself for not resting in this zone of relative comfort out of fear.  It’s time for me to start making some serious changes that will directly affect my finances, and though it is scary, the thought of not doing it is far scarier.  But really, the cool thing is that fear hasn’t even entered much into the whole thing, because it’s coming from a place of peaceful knowing inside me, and I’m super grateful to be able to hear it and heed it.  What a lovely way to view the ol’ bank balance!  Will you give it a try?


#MoneyLoveChallenge Day 7: Your Wealth & Prosperity Corner 🙂 

According to the principles of Feng Shui, the back left corner of your home corresponds energetically to your wealth and prosperity. Mine is my office area, which I’ve been reworking for the last month – by coincidence and then further inspired by an email Kate Northrup sent out around the same time on the topic. So here’s my crazy happy inspiring wealth and prosperity corner! This topic has inspired me to get more organized in this area, which I had wanted to do anyway. I really love this space <3



#MoneyLoveChallenge Day 6 – Making room for more!

I’ve been working on checking in with my checkbook every few days, so clearing out my wallet wasn’t such a big deal.  But in addition to my sweet change purse, I did decide to put any soon-to-expire coupons in a cute pouch so they are accessible if I have occasion to use them but aren’t cluttering my wallet.  And yes, a month or two ago I started carrying some cash (which I used to never have) with a prosperity and abundance label on it 🙂 It makes me so happy when I realize it’s there – the idea that I can actually forget that I have cash feels so luxurious $$$



#MoneyLoveChallenge Day 5 – Magnetizing your Goals!

Today we revisit our money goals from yesterday and figure out why we want to achieve them – how we will benefit.  The idea being that money is just paper without all that we attach to it and get from it.  My major Money Why came to me so quickly during this exercise that I didn’t question it:  I want to thrive and bloom and feel free to fully express and explore and be <3  What’s your Money Why?

#MoneyLoveChallenge Day 4 – Calling in the Abundance and Setting those Goals!

🙂 Today I’m setting goals around Earning, Saving, Investing, and Giving. If you’re setting your own goals, I invite you to think outside the typical goal-setting box you might be used to. Goal-setting can sometimes tap into those places within us that feel inadequate or incapable. But if we set goals that are in alignment with what we truly want, that meet us where we are while still stretching what we think may be possible, goal-setting can lift us up to places we hadn’t previously imagined 🙂 For example, I require some flexibility in my goals to take into account changing scenarios and complex situations. Without that flexibility, I quickly abandon my “goals”, but with it and the self-trust implicit in allowing it, I make way more progress and growth toward what I really want. How do you feel about goal-setting? Care to share any of your goals, financial or otherwise? This is fun $ 🙂 $

#MoneyLoveChallenge Day 3 – Letting it go with Love <3

Gosh I love fire 🙂 Today we got to get all the painful money memories and limiting beliefs out of our systems and released by burning them up! I posted this pic flipped bc it looks like a little heart-shaped ball of flame that way 🙂 Got any memories or thoughts that no longer serve you? Get em out and burn em up!!


 #MoneyLoveChallenge Day 2 – Recalling

Today we recall one of our first memories about money. The first thing that came to mind centers around something I’ve written about before here: The Weekly Reader book order! I remember my mom always allowing me to order as many books as I wanted – even in the thick of winter in a seasonal economy town – because I always read them all. Next thing that popped into my mind was being encouraged to buy a space in the local craft fair when I was in maybe 2nd grade to sell these little magnets a friend and I made out of matboard and watercolor beach sunsets. Moral of these stories? My mom rocks, I love to read, and maybe I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit after all 🙂 What about you? What’s one of your earliest memories about money?

 #MoneyLoveChallenge Day 1 !!


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