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Liz DiAlto is at it again <3 If you’ve read around here, you know how much I adore all things Liz DiAlto.  Well her ‪#‎IAMSACRED ‬experience started today! We’ll be exploring new ways to treat our bodies, emotions, fears, struggles, pain and pleasure. We’ll also learn how to up our capacity to relax and receive. All of it is sacred. All of US is sacred. AND Liz will be sharing some sneak peaks from her Untame The Wild Soul Woman interview series which doesn’t go live until Mid-February. It’s gonna be a really special experience. You can join me here: http://bit.ly/iamsacred . Get some deep love for your body, soul, and spirit <3 Who’s ready to explore with me?

Wanna join me?  Check it out here:  http://wildsoulmovement.com/iamsacred/

 #iamsacred Day 1 – Declare!!

I am sacred (and so are YOU! )



#iamsacred Day 2 – Senses

Today we do a sense-drenching exercise and then post how we feel afterwards. Below are the words that came up for me. Senses are the best, yo. lol but srsly 🙂


#iamsacred Day 3 – Energy

We did a lovely energy meditation and afterwards I decided to bust out the art supplies I bought myself for Christmas after having a blast at once of those paint and drink classes:) It was so enjoyable and peaceful to give myself permission to play around and feel into the process, and to experiment with brushstrokes and ideas, purely for the joy of it and not for the finished product. What a great feeling!

wpid-2015-01-28-12.30.41.png.png wpid-20150128_122333.jpg wpid-20150128_122343.jpg



#iamsacred Day 4 – Heart

Today we focus on listening to our heart by tuning in to our intuition. In the video prompt, there are two great exercises that you can apply to literally anything that is concerning you. I used both of these today around an issue I’ve been struggling with involving a major future action and how to balance practicality with desire, enthusiasm, and knowing. By asking myself some questions in specific ways and listening carefully, to words that formed as well as sensations in the body, I came to this conclusion: For me, in this instance, it is not about option A, B, or C. It’s about the way in which I approach and pave the path. As long as I keep my focus on what my actual goal is, I can build in as much practicality as I want, and that’s a good thing. But if my focus starts to turn predominantly to matters of practicality, then my goals are getting lost in the safety net and the net will no longer be serving my greatest good. These are things that I’ve known all along, but sometimes I need a reminder, some reinforcement that it’s safe to believe what I do. And safe it is. Because #iamsacred, yo <3 


#iamsacred Day 5: Pain

Today is a tribute to our dark side – sharing it, exposing it, dare I say honoring it. Here’s my darkside playlist that does just that:)


[spotify id=”spotify:user:125709394:playlist:5iUjwLOgPT818xRcXFqKWh” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]


#iamsacred‬ Day 6: Imagination

This day is all about call your desires into being – picking something that you’d like to see happen and focusing your intention on it to visualize and embody what it would feel like to already have it. I’m not sharing what I picked until it happens 😉 But I will take this opportunity to honor my snow-calling-in abilities lol.

 #iamsacred‬ Day 7: Integration

Today we got to do a full Wild Soul Movement practice. Yesterday I was totally thinking that I was missing WSM and wanted to be sure to do an old video soon. It had been about a month since I did any WSM and my right hip was all tight and begging for it. And then we got the new special video today! I am a calling-in beast lol <3

This is how I feel after doing Wild Soul Movement and realizing my epic calling-in abilities <3

2015-02-02 08.43.25



#‎iamsacred‬ Day 8: Celebrate!

Today we think back on the last 8 days and share the highlights and lowlights of the experience. As always, I love me a Liz DiAlto-guided experience. My favorite area of focus was Imagination. Not only do I totally believe I called in a snow day and a delay lol, but I also called in something else. Not in the form I might have expected it, but I received what I asked for. That’s really freaking exciting to me 🙂 I also appreciated the day focusing on Energy as it opened up a creative doorway I’ve been prepping myself to explore. The toughest day was, not surprisingly, the one on Pain. Although what I posted was a darkside playlist celebrating the dark and dirty within us all, or at least in me, I thought through a lot of other things, and grappling with whether or not to share them was certainly a process. Thanks for indulging my exploration and celebration of the knowledge that #iamsacred and ‪#‎soareyou‬ <3


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