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It’s play time!  
This is where I’ll post about the fun little challenges I tend to make for myself or get wrangled into 🙂 .  
                 I’d be overjoyed if you felt compelled to join me!

 #ShesGotGuts Freedom Challenge

My friend Laura Sprinkle is hosting a challenge that supports her beautiful new book, “She’s Got Guts:  Your Personalized Guide to Self Healing.”  It began last week, and I’m excited to get started, now that my other challenges have drawn to a close.

Wanna join too?  Click here!

I want to feel nourished, peaceful,


 #iamsacred <3 <3 <3

This is Liz DiAlto‘s 8 day experience exploring new ways to treat our bodies, emotions, fears, struggles, pain and pleasure.

See my posts here.
Join the experience here:  http://wildsoulmovement.com/iamsacred/

#MoneyLoveChallenge $ <3 $ <3

I’m taking part in Kate Northrup’s 21 Day #MoneyLoveChallenge!

See my posts here.

Wanna join me?

Check it out here:  http://moneylovechallenge.com/


~~ dancehype souljoy ~~

Inspired by my friend Kendra Tanner at The True You Project, I’ve been challenging myself to get my rear in gear and dance more!  Since I usually seem to find a million other things to fill my time, I’ve decided that one song a day most days is a great start.

I’ll post each day’s songs on this page.

Let’s dance <3


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