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Mindset-Shifting Practices for Change (The Power of a Pretty Picture)

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Have you been feeling stressed, stuck, overwhelmed, or underappreciated lately? Is there some other reason you’ve been feeling less than fabulous, and you just know you could stand to up-level your self-care and mindset game?

Unfortunately, chances are pretty high that you have. While I’m sad that you’ve been feeling this way, I’m super psyched to help!

This new course gives you REAL, practical experience in consciously shifting the way you look at the things that stress you out and keep you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, underappreciated and otherwise fabulous. And there is SO MUCH opportunity for personalized feedback and support, so you can get the results that matter most to YOU.

In this course I help you:

•Reduce stress, decrease overwhelm, remove obstacles and increase how connected you feel to your own life
•Get clear about what is ACTUALLY stressing you out and keeping you stuck, so you can take effective action for change
•Build the confidence to set boundaries and say YES and NO out of choice instead of obligation, guilt or fear
•Prioritize proactive self-care and really FEEL your own undeniable self-worth
•Develop priceless trust in yourSELF, your feelings and your decision-making abilities
•Start treating yourself with the same love, care, and dedication you show to your loved ones and the same impeccable integrity you bring to your work and duties
•Connect to the deep wisdom in your body and soul, and let it help you navigate the world around you

These skills, habits, and ways of being run DEEP! Meaningful change takes commitment, patience, and willingness. The benefits become a part of who you are and evolve with you into who you become.

This is a co-created course. As I teach and you participate, learn, experience and share, the course content will EVOLVE and EXPAND to accommodate the needs of the group – individually and collectively. THIS IS SO EXCITING because you get the opportunity to get super-targeted support at a fraction of the cost to work with me 1:1. And you get the benefits of group learning in a carefully-tended online space, including the invaluable experience of nourishing human support and connection on a shared path.

We start Monday, October 15, 2018.

There will be live workshops and group coaching calls on Tuesday nights, from 7:00-8:30pm EST and Q+A calls on Thursday nights, from 8:00-9:00pm EST. There will be replays and recordings available for all workshops and calls.

The course runs 6 weeks, through Sunday, November 25th.

If you want to know more, ask me your questions!
If you already know you are IN, enroll now for EARLY-BIRD PRICING!

Early Bird Pricing: $487 when you enroll by October 1st!!

Price increases to $616 on October 2nd.

Get that early-bird pricing here by 10/1: https://www.paypal.me/thriveandbloom/487

I’m going to go LIVE on Facebook and Instagram this weekend on any questions you have, so please hit me with all you’ve got!!

I can’t wait to work with and support you!

Yours in thriving and blooming,


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