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Welcome to my Audio Garden, featuring some former Thriveandbloom blogposts in audio.

Evolution Of A Willing Vessel (Why You’re Not Lazy, Or Clueless, Or Careless, Or Selfish) (07/17/2017)

Boundaries, Social Media + The Dance: Active + Intentional Engagement in the Landscape of Your Life (01/29/2017)

Wayne And Garth Or L’Oreal Model (01/08/2017)

The Time Is Yours To Take Snowflake (01/02/2017)

Creating Space Creating Self: Wallpaper Intuition And Growth (12/04/2016)

Please Please Please Stop Saying This (11/27/2016)

I Reclaim Someday By Acting Today (08/27/2016)

Time Management, Boundaries, and Desires (07/06/2016)

Feeling Undeserving Keeps You Underserving (02/08/2016)

I Had an Amazing 2015!! (01/01/2016)

Before Gratitude, Comes This…. (11/25/2015)

Naming the Act: What I Learned about Forgiveness from Teaching Middle School (08/24/2015)

Spent Pens Don’t Write: Allowing Ease and Flow in More Than Just Your Writing Implements (08/17/2015)

Going From “I’ve Got To” to “I Get To” : A Study In Living the Life You Want (07/12/2015)

Letting Yourself Know: The Opposite of Working Hard  (06/14/2015)

Fresh Air and What You Do With It  (04/13/2015)

Letting the Other Shoe Drop:  Vulnerability, Gratitude, and Joy  (01/28/2015)

Love Never Fails (01/18/2015)

Receiving and Gift-Giving (12/28/2014)

Breathe and Believe (12/14/2014)

After Giving Thanks (11/28/2014)

Time for What? (10/26/2014)

Being Seen Bearing Weight (10/07/2014)

Vulnerability:  Being Seen Hurt (10/06/2014)

Baring the Very Same Spot:  Some Thoughts on Vulnerability (10/04/2014)

Wild Shining Soul Glow:  In Praise of Wild Soul Movement, Online Communities, and Breadcrumbs (09/26/2014)

Why Blog About Books? (09/12/2014)

On Thriving and Blooming (09/07/2014)

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