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I don’t know if you’ve heard… but it’s almost 2020. And people seem to think it’s kind of a big deal 😉

Although super exciting, it also adds a little extra pressure to the already landmine-ridden holiday season.

And I want to help you navigate the rest of 2019 in one beautiful, joyful, whole-souled piece!

When was the last time you really enjoyed the holidays?

The last time you…

felt like you had the time to dunk one of those cookies you stayed up all night to bake into a cozy mug of cocoa that you shared with a friend?

actually had a blast at all the parties you went to (and gracefully declined the others?)

… let yourself get swept away by the sights and sounds of the season, without cursing all the things still left to do to make sure everything turns out “just so?”

… didn’t have to worry about keeping up with who isn’t talking to whom and which topics to avoid at all costs, and were able to simply enjoy time spent with loved ones?

… didn’t feel like your own peace and well-being were the price you needed to pay to make everyone else’s holidays happy?

Now, I don’t want to add MORE THINGS to your already-overwhelming list of things to do.

But I DO want to help you carve a little extra time for yourself so that you’re able to say NO to the things that overwhelm you and YES to the things you really love, to PAUSE for the moments to remember and MOVE THROUGH the moments you’d rather forget.

I want you to feel whole for the holidays and

like you’re starting 2020 off right.

So I’ve created a special offer to support you just how you need it right now.

Through the end of December, I’m cutting the cost of my 1:1 coaching single sessions in half

You can purchase unlimited, hour-long 1:1 coaching sessions at $75 per session, through the end of December*

  • I’ll help you get clear on how you want to feel during the month ahead and work with you to create meaningful, personalized practices of self-trust, self-love, and self-care to get there.
  • More sessions = more opportunities to recalibrate and improve!


Get unlimited $75 coaching sessions through the end of December.


Price good on purchases through 12/31/19 for sessions taking place through February 2020!!

*Starting in 2020 I’ll no longer be offering single sessions.

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