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A Supplication to the Divine through Evolving Self-Acceptance

Getting a Little Free Flow Up in Here:  Originally written in April 2017 for my newsletter members, lightly re-edited here


going going going can be easier than staying still sometimes.

it’s often when we stop + rest that all the tears + unmet fears catch up, latch on, and spread.

can you hear the gentle haunting whisper that beckons me, to face this music now?

a meditative space clearing, a soul soothing release

a ridding of things perhaps never needed, certainly no longer needed now

cleaning, sorting, hanging, purging, releasing, regrouping, recomposing


i welcome what comes. i see out what goes.


overwhelm, work your way through me.

convulsive fluidity + angular untapped flow


the anger that comes in fleeting flashes

the resentment that lingers longer

the regret at taking so damn long

the embarrassment for what I’ve accepted

the discomfort at what I’ve done and have not

the mistreatment I’ve witnessed, experienced, doled out

all the names, insults, low blows and shame

all the more subtle, invasive ways confidences have been broken or twisted, bartered or sold

the blame I’ve placed and that’s been placed upon me

the responsibility I’ve given away and that which I’ve over-owned

the gossip, the behind back talking, the judgments, the snark

the ways I still need approval, hunger and yearn for it at times

the ways I let other people make their issues my issues, and the ways I leave them hanging

how much I want to be loved and how little I seem to want to, too

the hurt, all the deep buried hurt, that shows up as insecurity, self-doubt, selling myself short, and the forging and donning of the most artistically camouflaged armor

the ways I’ve given away my power, strength, beauty and soul

and the people who let me do it who I tiptoed around for too long


crushed shells fortify.

flatten your feet and FLY!

 crushed shells fortify.png

Soundtrack for the Writing + Perhaps the Receiving

longtime sun.png

Longtime Sun by Snataam Kaur. Thanks to my Aunt Diane and Jess Proulx of the Om Center for bringing this song

into my life so many years ago now!)

This song and video is sure to lift your spirits if’n they need some liftin’

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xxoo, cc

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