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You know that thing?


The one that’s been on your mind for a while now.


The one you know deep down is the thing you need to do. To honor your heart, to honor your self, to honor the truth of who you are and all the beauty you’ve been hiding from or feeling less than worthy of.


You keep telling yourself you’ll do it, and keep finding reasons and seasons not to.


Maybe something’s already popped into your head, is whispering to you now that yes, it’s true, this is it and it’s TIME, Sunshine.


Quit pushing that voice aside or stuffing it back inside.


Let yourself really listen to it, to your own self, to the deep strong knowing within you.


You already know what it is you need to do.


And perhaps now, my dear, you’re ready to do it.


And if you are, right now, ready to do that thing, then go ahead and do it!


Make that break, fast and clean. Bust out of that stifling, strangling, shine-snuffing box you’ve found yourself in.


Don’t get caught up in pointing fingers, blaming who you think put you here and how, insisting that this one or that one pays, or sees, or acknowledges, or apologizes. All that is designed to keep you right here, anchored to that from which you seek to be free. Tethered to the depths when you’re ready to soar.


Sometimes you’ve got to surrender the need to have your side seen in order to salvage and save your sweet side at all.


And if you’re not feeling ready yet, that’s okay too. You can’t unsee the truth once you’ve seen it, and it’ll help you to know, more clearly and more often, whatever you need to know to get ready, get closer, to making the change you do indeed need.


And if nothing happened to come up for you, then hooray! Let that guide you to keep doing what you’re doing, and maybe find ways to up the ante on all the stuff you really love.

If you’re looking for an anthem to help rev your engine for the breaking out on your horizon, this may just do the trick! Lay down the law / Shout out for more / Breakout and shout / Day in, day out / Breakout

Swing Out Sister “Breakout” 1987

Have I told you lately how much I love being a child of the 80s?

FYI:  Minutes 2:05-2:09 pretty much sum up my “Out Dancing” dance style in 4 seconds. Add some hip sways, some Axl Rose shimmies, and some standing hippy chill groove moves and that’s about it 🙂 In case you were wondering lol. Now, when I’m in Wild Soul Movement mode, all bets are off. Then, I become a soulful, carefree, interpretive dancer extraordinaire! (or something like that.) I’m working on bringing more wild soul dance moves out to the club, but considering I don’t often GO to the club, my progress there is a little slow lol.


And if you need something a little harder to help you get stoked up to make a break, we can step it up to 1994 (the year I graduated high school!) Marilyn Manson’s version of Sweet Dreams never fails me. The legit video is pretty dark and several different shades of twisted lol. So here’s a lyrics only video instead. You’re welcome 🙂

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